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Access 1000+ media distribution lists with
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Target international, national or local media
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Distribute on social media platforms

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Yes. We can write your press release, and we will write it well.

Experience in writing press releases

With over 15 years experience in writing press releases for Pakistan’s leading real esate residenal and commercial projects, we have the expertise you need to get your message heard.

At Sirass Marketing we believe that the key to a successful press release comes down to understanding the newsworthy angle of the information that you want to share. Once that is established, we take care to craft your press release in such a way that we actually tell the news story to the journalist. Why is this important? Because it doesn’t leave the time-poor journalist wondering what the facts are and why it’s important.

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Press releases are more important than ever

In today’s multi-channel media environment press releases are more important than ever. As more and more organisations strive for their slice of media attention, a well crafted press release will help you stay topical, relevant and top of mind for your target audience.

Even better, the small cost of a press release can be one of the best marketing investments that you ever make. Where else can you get access to tens of thousands of potential clients in a safe and trusted news format?

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Quickly and efficiently

We can get your press release in front of thousands of relevant journalists quickly and efficiently. As a member of the Pakistan Associated Press media distribution network we can reach a broad range of local, national and international journalists quickly and efficiently.

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